10 reasons to move your application to the cloud

The Cloud is happening now. I see ISV’s and web agencies rapidly adopting cloud technologies for a variety of reasons. This is my current top 10:

1. You are an ISV and your customers are changing buying behavior. They want to pay per use and a Cloud platform matches such buying pattern most closely. You also need a market place for your application because selling 1-1 won’t continue to work.

2. You work in an ISV or Web Agency with a bunch of developers and designers but no system engineers. A PAAS environment like Windows Azure eliminates your installation and administration head-aches.

3. You’re not convinced but your management took the decision to shrink or eliminate the on-premise datacenter. 

4. You’re a start up and you’re expecting steady growth. You don’t want to invest upfront though.

5. Your application shows specific usage patterns which are perfect for the cloud like predictable or, even better, unpredictable bursts.

6. You build a High Performance Computing solution and need massive computing power at times. 

7. You are extending other applications that run in the cloud. Like BPOS.

8. You are connecting applications cross domain.

9. You are expanding internationally and don’t want to look for a different hoster in every geo.

10. You have BI data on-premise and need to unlock it to the world or at least part of it.

What other reasons do you have?




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